Is My ADT Doorbell Camera Blinking Red?

If your ADT doorbell camera is blinking red, then it’s most likely due to a battery or internet connectivity issue. This problem can easily be fixed by charging the battery or reconnecting to Wi-Fi.

A stable and reliable internet connection is a requirement for an ADT doorbell camera to function properly. It should have at least 90% signal strength and a minimum of 2 Mbps upload speed.


A smart doorbell is a great way to protect your home and family. It has the ability to send mobile alerts to your smartphone when someone approaches or rings your doorbell.

Is My ADT Doorbell Camera Blinking Red?
Is My ADT Doorbell Camera Blinking Red?

However, problems can occur with these devices that you may not be aware of. Often, these issues are caused by low battery or a poor internet connection.

This is why it is important to keep your ADT doorbell camera charged at all times. You can do this by recharging it using the following steps.

Connect a USB cord to the recharging port on the back of your ADT doorbell. Plug it in, and start pushing power to the unit until it reaches 100% battery percentage or one full charge (which usually takes 45 minutes or longer).

Once your ADT doorbell has reached full charge, you can replace its faceplate and then unplug the USB wire from the port. Once it has been fully charged, the light on the device will turn solid blue and you can use your ADT doorbell camera again.

Internet Connection

If you notice that your adt doorbell camera is blinking red, it means that there’s an issue with the internet connection. The device needs a strong, stable internet connection in order to function properly.

To check your network’s connectivity, use the ADT Pulse app. It should be able to detect the problem and offer a solution to it.

In some cases, an internet connection problem can be a result of a bad router. If this is the case, you can try restarting it or relocating it closer to your ADT doorbell.

Once the problem has been solved, your ADT doorbell camera should begin functioning normally. However, if it’s still blinking red, there may be another problem.

To fix this, you can perform a factory reset on the device. This is a last resort troubleshooting technique that often solves the issue.

Wi-Fi Network

If your adt doorbell camera is blinking red, it could mean that either the battery inside needs to be recharged or that the internet connectivity has become unstable. In this case, it is important to know how to fix the issue as soon as possible.

ADT is a well-known security brand that has secured millions of homes around the world. Its products work to ensure the safety of the home, so homeowners are going to want to double-check that their gear is functioning correctly.

The ADT Pulse app can provide you with all the information and controls that you might need regarding your system’s functions. This app has also been designed to be easy for the general user.


If the red blinking light on your adt doorbell camera is flashing rapidly, this could mean that the battery has run out and needs to be recharged. It might also be a sign that the internet connection is unstable and this will cause lag in the camera’s footage.

Another reason that an adt doorbell camera might not be recording is that the cloud capacity for stored clips has been exhausted. This is a common problem and will happen if the device is not connected to a Wi-Fi network.

If this is the case, you should try to reset your adt doorbell camera. This will remove all the saved data and settings from your device, and will give it a clean slate for new use.

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