My Blink Camera is Blinking Red

If you’ve noticed that your Blink camera is flashing red, there are a few things to check. These can be anything from a bad battery to a bad WiFi connection.

The first thing to try is a reset of your Sync Module. This will often fix your camera’s internet connection problems.

Check the Batteries

If your blink camera is constantly flashing red, it may be time to change the batteries. Blink cameras use a pair of AA batteries to provide reliable security monitoring for up to two years.

My Blink Camera is Blinking Red
My Blink Camera is Blinking Red

Changing the batteries in your blink camera is simple and easy. Simply remove the batteries and replace them with fresh ones in the battery holder.

Some users have run into trouble with their devices displaying low battery messages even after replacing the depleted batteries. This is a problem caused by using a new lithium battery next to an older one that still has a lot of charge.

The most common cause of this issue is using Live View multiple times a day, which uses more battery resources than normal. In order to reduce battery usage, limit your use of Live View and configure Activity Zones in the app to only monitor those areas you really need.

Check the Wi-Fi Connection

If you have a blink camera that is blinking red, it could be due to an issue with your Wi-Fi connection. There are a few things you can try to resolve this problem.

First, check your signal strength and wifi band. This will help to determine if it is an issue with your Blink sync module or your router.

Another option is to try resetting your network settings. This process will clear all the current network settings including DHCP, Network caches, and more.

If this doesn’t work, you can also reset your camera’s Sync Module. This can be done through the Blink app.

Check the Sync Module

If you have a blink camera that is blinking red, it may be because it has trouble connecting to the Sync Module. This is a common issue that can be resolved by power cycling the Sync Module.

This process is a bit like resetting your smartphone, but it will refresh the device and deplete any built-up static charges. The Sync Module and the Blink Camera should then work properly.

The Sync Module is a small, plug-and-play device that connects all your Blink cameras to one IP address. It also has a USB flash drive port that allows you to store local video files.

Using this feature can save you some money by storing your footage on your own device instead of paying for cloud storage. However, you should know that the storage capacity varies from model to model and depends on the type of USB flash drive that you use. If you need more storage, consider a Blink Cloud subscription.

Reset the Camera

If the camera is blinking red, this is likely a problem with the Sync Module or the Wi-Fi connection. In either case, a hard reset of the camera should fix the issue.

On the right side of the camera, near the USB port, is a reset button. Press and hold this button with something thin (a paper clip or other non-metallic item) until the red light comes on, which will cause the Sync Module to reboot into setup mode.

This will restore the camera to its factory default settings and begin working again. While it may be time-consuming, resetting the camera should help resolve your issue.

If your blink camera flashes red whenever you power it on, it could indicate that the batteries are running low. Check the battery level using the Blink app and replace the batteries if needed.

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