How to Turn Off the Red Light on a Blink Mini Camera

The Blink Mini is a 1080p HD indoor plug-in security camera with motion detection and two-way audio. It’s affordable, straightforward to set up and offers motion triggered alerts.

Whether you’re a veteran user or new to blink cameras, you may have noticed that your camera flashes red light for brief periods during setup.


A red light on a blink mini camera generally indicates that the camera’s network connection is not working properly. You can solve this problem by resetting the camera.

How to Turn Off the Red Light on a Blink Mini Camera
How to Turn Off the Red Light on a Blink Mini Camera

During the initial setup process, a brief red light shows up on the Blink Mini camera to indicate that it is trying to connect to the internet. The red light should disappear and turn into a flashing green / solid blue when the camera has successfully connected to the network.

When this occurs, it’s a good idea to check the battery. It could be faulty and need to be replaced.


Blink mini cameras sometimes flash red during setup. This is a normal procedure that helps the camera connect to the internet.

It also ensures that the camera has fresh batteries and a clean power source. If your camera still flashes red while you’re recording, it may mean that the batteries need to be replaced or the Wi-Fi is having issues.

You can turn off this red light by connecting your blink mini camera to the Wi-Fi. To do this, open the Blink mobile app and go to Settings.

Afterward, tap ‘Change Wi-Fi’. You’ll be asked to enter the password that you set up on your router.

Once the connection is made, you can access your camera’s live feed. You can also watch videos and get motion alerts. If you’re having problems, try contacting Blink support. They’ll be able to walk you through additional steps and make sure the issue doesn’t recur.

Sync Module

The Sync Module is a small device that connects all of your Blink cameras, doorbell, and home security system to one IP address. It also lets you hook up a USB flash drive for local storage of motion clips.

If your Blink Mini camera has a red light that isn’t showing any other light patterns, the first thing you should do is power cycle it to reset it. Then, the red light should stop showing and the camera should start working again.

You can do this from the Blink app. From the home screen, tap the Sync Module icon at the bottom left.

Next, the app will ask you to join the Sync Module’s Wi-Fi network. It will either prompt you to enter the Sync Module’s serial number or use your phone’s camera to scan the QR code on the device.

Once you’ve connected to the Sync Module’s network, the app will show a list of all the systems it can detect and ask if you want to create a new one. You can add up to 10 devices to a system before it gets overloaded.


There are some situations when the red light on a blink mini camera will start flashing, which can be a sign that it needs to be reset. Resetting the camera is a process that returns it to the factory settings that it was in when you first got it.

Generally, this is a normal part of the setup phase for Blink cameras. It’s a simple process that only takes a few minutes to complete.

Once the camera finishes the procedure, it should have a solid green + flashing blue light showing that it is ready to use again.

One common reason why the red light on a blink mini camera starts flashing is because the camera has lost its connection to your Wi-Fi network. Luckily, this can easily be fixed by simply resetting the camera.

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