What to Do When Your Blink Camera Flashes a Red Light

Sometimes, your blink camera will flash a red light that may indicate a variety of different issues. Here are some things to look for when this occurs so you can troubleshoot the issue and fix it.

First, check to make sure the camera is in the correct location and it’s armed with the proper settings. Also, ensure the camera is connected to a Wi-Fi network that works well for your setup.

What to Do When Your Blink Camera Flashes a Red Light
What to Do When Your Blink Camera Flashes a Red Light

Battery Issue

If you have Blink Cameras or Sync Modules that are flashing a blinking red light, there may be an issue with the battery. AA Lithium non-rechargeable batteries are used to power Blink devices and will eventually fail, so it is important to replace them regularly.

When the batteries are failing, the blue recording light will go out 5 or 6 times and then start flashing a solid red light. This is a sign that you should install 2 fresh size AA 1.5 volt Lithium non-rechargeable batteries before the device goes dead.

Another way to troubleshoot this problem is to reset your Sync Module or Blink Camera. Resetting your device will allow it to reset back into its original factory settings and get it working again.

Wi-Fi Issue

If you’re having trouble with your Blink camera’s blinking red light, the problem could be a Wi-Fi issue. This is a common problem that occurs when your device cannot connect to the Wi-Fi network that you’ve created in your home.

To resolve this issue, you’ll need to make sure your Wi-Fi network is still active and that you have the correct password. To do this, go to the Blink app and click on the “Network and Connectivity” tab.

Once you’ve done this, your device should now be connected to your Wi-Fi network and should no longer have a blink camera red light.

If the Wi-Fi is still not working, try restarting your device or checking the connection status on your router. This will often resolve the problem and get your device back on track.

Network Issue

If the blink camera red light starts flashing in a specific pattern, it may be a sign that there’s an issue with your network. This could be caused by a router issue or an internet service provider (ISP) issue.

When your Blink outdoor camera is first plugged in or inserted into batteries, it should flash a red light as part of the setup process. Once that’s completed, the lights will return to their normal colors.

A blinking camera red light can also happen if the connection between your Blink outdoor camera and the internet has been lost or hacked. Once that’s resolved, the lights should return to their normal colors and your camera should be connected to the internet again.

The Sync Module on the Blink camera needs to be connected to your Wi-Fi network in order for it to function. To do that, tap or scan the QR code on the Sync Module or enter the serial number into the app. Once you’re done, tap “Join” and you’ll be able to sync your Blink camera to your Wi-Fi.


Blink cameras have a reset feature that can help fix problems with the red light. This can be especially helpful when it is unclear what the problem is.

The reset button is located on the right side, close to the USB port. It is difficult to press with your finger, so use something thin to push it down.

When you do, the Sync Module will perform a reset back into setup mode. This may take a few minutes to complete, but it should resolve your issue.

The reset process is a good idea to try before you contact customer support. However, it is always a good idea to power cycle your Sync Module and router first to make sure they are online.

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