Blink Cameras – Why Are They Flashing Red and Green?

If your Blink camera blinks red and green, it may mean something is wrong with your device. Typically, this is due to an issue with your internet connection or battery.

However, there are other reasons why your Blink camera flashes green and red. If this problem persists, you may need to do a hard reset.

Connectivity Issues

If your blink camera is flashing green and red, it means that it’s having issues with connectivity. This could be because of an internet outage, Blink servers being down, or a weak signal strength.

Blink Cameras - Why Are They Flashing Red?
Blink Cameras – Why Are They Flashing Red?

You might be able to fix this by moving your Blink Sync Module closer to your router. This should help improve your wifi connection.

Another option is to power cycle your Blink Sync Module. This will force the device to reconnect to your wi-fi network.

If this does not work, you may need to contact Blink customer support for further assistance. They offer 24/7 online support and phone support, so they can help you figure out what the problem is.

Battery Issues

Blink cameras offer a competitive battery life of up to two years with regular use. However, there are some scenarios that can cause your camera to deplete its batteries more quickly than usual.

Some of these factors include high usage, which may result in false alarms and longer recorded motion clips. Luckily, you can lower your camera’s sensitivity settings to improve battery performance.

If you’re not sure how to reduce your camera’s sensitivity, consult the Blink owners manual. There you’ll find many helpful tips on how to make your Blink camera last longer.

If your blink camera flashes green and red regularly, it could be due to weak Wi-Fi signal strength. Ensure that your network is healthy and stable by pursuing monthly maintenance.

Wi-Fi Issues

If a blink camera flashing green and red is a regular occurrence, it may be due to a Wi-Fi issue. The cameras rely on a strong connection to your home network to work properly.

You can check the Wi-Fi signal strength between the Sync Module and your router using the Blink app. If it’s weak, you can move the router or Sync Module closer to fix the problem.

Alternatively, you can try a factory reset to resolve connection problems. You can find the reset button on the back of most Blink cameras; consult your handbook for information about where to locate it.

If all of the above methods don’t work, you can contact Blink customer support to help resolve your issues. They have experts who can assess your issues and provide expert guidance to solve them in a timely manner.

Server Issues

Blink cameras communicate with their servers constantly, and if those servers are down, your camera will not work as it should.

This can be caused by an internet outage on your home network, a weak signal strength between your router and the camera, or a failure at Blink’s end of the connection. The best way to know if that’s the problem is to check with DownDetector, a third-party website.

In this case, the server issue will likely be fixed by simply waiting for the server to return online. After a little while, your camera should be working again.

Another possible reason is a problem with the Wi-Fi network you are using. You can test this by moving the camera closer to your router and seeing if the green light stops flashing. If it does, you should improve your Wi-Fi signal strength so that the camera will be able to connect with the server.

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