Flashing Red Light on Blink Camera

If you’re seeing a flashing red light on your blink camera, there could be several issues. These problems can range from a low battery to an internet issue, and even something as simple as a firmware update that didn’t complete correctly.

Whatever the reason, you’ll want to fix it quickly. So, we’ve compiled a few steps you can try to resolve the problem.

Battery Issue

If your blink camera starts to flash red, it could be a sign that your batteries are low. Changing them to fresh ones will usually solve this issue.

Flashing Red Light on Blink Camera
Flashing Red Light on Blink Camera

Blink cameras are designed to run on battery power so that they can operate without draining utility resources while they’re in use. However, there are several issues that can lead to a blink camera battery not lasting long enough.

One of the most common causes is that your Blink camera is constantly connected to Wi-Fi, which can deplete its battery. Another reason could be that your Blink camera is constantly accessing Live View, which can also cause it to consume more battery power.

The best way to resolve this problem is to simply perform a device reset on the camera. Performing this reset will reset the Blink camera’s Sync Module and resynchronize it with the Blink app and WiFi. This will fix the connection to your network and should also resolve the LED flashing issue.

Wi-Fi Issue

If your blink camera is flashing a red light, it may be due to a Wi-Fi issue. This can happen if the camera is disconnected from the internet for an extended period of time or if it’s being used outside of its normal operating parameters.

To test if your Wi-Fi connection is okay, you can go into the Blink app and check its signal strength both to the camera and the Sync Module. You want to see at least three bars of signal strength on both connections.

This will help you identify whether the camera is simply disconnected or if there’s an issue with your WiFi router. You can also try power cycling your router to see if it helps. If the problem persists, you might need to contact your ISP or your router’s support team.

Software Issue

A software issue could cause the red light on your blink camera to flash while the camera is still in setup mode. This flashing usually lasts short and quickly throughout the camera’s startup process before turning to a green light and then a solid blue light when everything is done.

If this is the case, your Blink camera’s Sync Module may not be reconfigured properly to your network. Fortunately, this is easily resolved.

You can perform a hard reset by finding the reset button on the right-hand side of the Blink camera, near the USB port. Using a very thin object like a paper clip, press the button until the red light comes on. This will reboot the Sync Module and fix any problems with setup.

Hardware Issue

If the red light keeps flashing on your blink camera, it could be a hardware issue. This usually happens when the batteries are low and need to be replaced or the camera isn’t communicating properly with your WiFi network.

If it’s the latter, then resetting your camera should fix the problem. You can do this by using a small pin or paper clip to press the reset button on your camera’s bottom.

Once you’ve done that, your camera should change from a steady red light to a blinking green or solid blue light. If it doesn’t change within 120 seconds, contact Blink support so they can get your camera working again.

Sometimes, the camera flashes red LED lights due to motion detection. It’s very rare, but it can happen. In such cases, it’s a good idea to check the camera’s settings to ensure that there isn’t anything else in the view field that is triggering this indicator.

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