How to Turn Off Red Light on Blink Outdoor Cameras

When you have a blink outdoor camera, it may flash a red light when there is a problem with the internet. This could be due to a low battery or a loss of WiFi connection.

Fortunately, these two issues are usually pretty easy to fix and will not cause any major damage to the camera.


Depending on the model of blink outdoor camera, a flashing red light can mean one of two things: that the device is not connected to the internet or that it has low batteries. Either way, it’s important to fix the issue as soon as possible so that your camera will continue to work at all times.

How to Turn Off Red Light on Blink Outdoor Cameras
How to Turn Off Red Light on Blink Outdoor Cameras

If it’s an internet connection problem, you’ll need to check the router and modem. You can also use a third-party tool to verify that your Wi-Fi is working.

If your blink camera is flashing red when you’re trying to set up the device, it’s most likely just a sign that the initialization and setup process is still underway. This indicator should only pop up briefly at the start of the process before giving way to a blinking green light and later to a solid blue light, indicating that everything is ready for you to move forward.


Blink outdoor cameras require a working internet connection in order to communicate with their app and the cloud. If you don’t have a working Wi-Fi connection, the camera won’t work correctly and won’t upload videos.

When you first connect a Blink outdoor camera to your router, the device will flash a red light. This is to let you know that the setup process is still underway.

However, this blinking light shouldn’t continue for long. Once it stops blinking, you should be able to use the device normally.

If your blink outdoor camera keeps flashing red, there could be a few things that are causing the issue. One of the most common issues is that the camera has lost its wifi internet connection.

If this is the case, try resetting your sync module and cameras, and then see if that solves the problem. If this doesn’t, then you may need to check the signal strength and wifi band.

Sync Module

If you notice the red light blinking on your outdoor Blink camera, it’s likely that there’s a power or network issue. To troubleshoot this issue, first power cycle your camera and your Sync Module.

The Sync Module is a little device that connects all your Blink cameras, doorbells, and home security system to one IP address. It also helps ensure that all devices in the system act according to their own settings.

You’ll find the Sync Module, along with a wall DC power supply, USB-A to Micro-USB cable, and instructions booklet, when you open your box.

The Sync Module isn’t required for your Blink camera to function, but it does help improve battery life by providing an always-on internet connection. It also provides the option to add local storage to your Blink camera by connecting a USB flash drive.


When your blink outdoor camera starts to blink red, there are a few different reasons that could be at play. It could be due to a loss of internet connection or because the battery is starting to fail.

The first thing that you should do is to check if the camera is connected to the internet. If it is, then you should unplug and re-plug it in.

If it is not, then the problem could be due to a faulty router or modem. If it is, then you should contact your internet provider to see if they can fix the issue.

If the red light continues to flash, you can try using a reset button. This method will cause the Sync Module to reboot back into setup mode, which should resolve your problem.

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